Custom Handgun Holsters

Custom Handgun Holsters
Exactly what you need, made personally by us, SPECIFICALLY for you Any handgun, with or without accessories (after market sights, tactical light, etc), is safer and more accessible in its own, custom high quality kydex holster. Comfortable, secure, and compliant with constitutional carry regulations, these holsters are fit specifically to your body and your preferences.

Choose up to a 15 degree angle, inside or outside the waistband, left- or right-handed. Choose from six different options to attach to your belt or waistband (including optional paddle). And choose literally any design you want, as we can produce a holster in matte black, with a photo on it, any message or pattern you choose, to match your personality and your style. We can even make matching magazine holsters, too.

Inside Waistband (IWB) or Outside Waistband (OWB)? How do you prefer to carry? Either way, we can ensure a secure fit for your handgun that is also personally formed to your body for optimal comfort and safety. Without a secure and comfortable holster, too many responsible gun owners will opt to not carry, forfeiting your Constitutional right to self-defense. Make it comfortable and carefree to carry your investment on your person. Adjustments for comfort and security desired after purchase are free of charge for the life of your holster.

Make a statement or showcase your personal style Wish your holster could match your blue jeans? Love Bacon??? Prefer something tactical and low-key? Anything you like can be printed directly onto your holster, without the need to send it out for printing as we are able to do this on site in store. Come prepared with your digital file or browse our collection and choose your favorite.

Attachment Accessory Options Whether you’ve struggled in the past to fit your favorite belt style through your holster loops, want the ability to utilize a paddle or need the convenience of speed clip attachment, we’ve got you covered.
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